Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bound to You, Christina Aguilera

Disclaimer-- This post is not aimed at anyone exclusively--but is more in regards of a behavior (even I have been guilty of it).  

It's been quite a while since I blogged --which happens to sound like a bodily function problem.  "Don't look now, Timmy the Tooth has blogged all over!" 

Truth be told I got bugged by writer's bad blogging habits. It seems like a lot of bloggers are like the Latter-day Kardashians... Rather than contributing something of worth to the world, they just fill the world with void explanations on why they should be noticed. Sometimes this happens in a holier-thou-manner of style, full of their flashy importance.

Crap I just lost 4 followers with the above statements. I guess the remaining 2 of you are either skimming or actually interested in what's next.

And yes! I get why some people blog. It's a great way to journal life's events, create buzz for products, and inform both customers and family.  But it gets to be toooo much sometimes. Far too many details are shared with the unknown.  What does your recent post really say about your motives of posting? Are you posting wisely, or do you just post hoping for a comment?

I think this is the last time that I throw a pebble into the river of life.There may be another blog project in the works, but I don't know if I will link this blog to it.

I leave you with my Haiku that influenced the blog: 

Restless stream running
Small pebble uncovered
The sunrise of love

So, Small Pebble Uncovered, I guess I am no longer  [Title of Post]


Larissa said...

Oh this makes me so sad!
I blog mostly because I have friends who want to keep up with me, but typing the same e-mail to 50 people just isn't the best and then they feel obligated to give a long response, etc. If I miss more than a day or two of blogging, I will get several e-mails from friends asking if I am okay. I also always dreamt of being a writer of sorts and it is my outlet. I don't keep a journal any longer. I do share too much sometimes - I TOTALLY agree with you there. I recently posted photos of an engagement ring (my sissy's) and folks thought it was MINE even though I hadn't mentioned being in a serious relationship at all...I tend not to write much about my specific beau's. Anyway, I fully support your decision, but I love reading the innermost thoughts of my friends or lil tidbits they share that make me laugh. I'm sad I won't get to see this blog-part of you any longer, but I'll find some other way to stalk you;-)

Jon said...

I love the analogy. Well, I hope this means you're going to stand up and cross the bridge. Good luck for whatever is on the other side!

p g d said...

Mr. Chism, I think you should continue with this blog. The title is catchy, and the topics varied. Pardon me for asking, but would you consider selling the Albertson's uniform? It's a collectible, and the first I've seen in 20 years. Best regards, and good luck with the blog.

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