Monday, February 28, 2011

It Catches Up With You, The Social Network Soundtrack

I was late on the Social Network movie train, so I got a ticket (Thanks biblioteca)! It was late Sunday night and I knew if I didn't take the time to watch it that night I wouldn't get to seeing it.

(Thoughts on the movie in Tweet: "Great soundtrack and unique way to tell a story. Kept my attention but not a movie I would see over and over again. Glimpse into life of the lonely #SocialNetwork")

As the film credits appeared, my 2 AM decision was to body-slam my pillow as we slid into dreamland together. 

This is when I realized how dangerous it was to watch the movie before going to sleep. began as I was living in an apartment alone. I had a computer next to a sliding glass window, and every time I entered or left my bachelor pad, I would update my Facebook status about where I was off to, or what I had done (Anyone who does this frequently is asking for a break-in or practical joke to occur).

As I was out and about I would notice this same people who seemed to always dress in black shirts and Jncos (yes circa 1998). They would follow me no matter where I went. Movie Theatres, check. Driving to work, check.  Workout at the gym, check-licious. 

Then one sunny afternoon I was walking from work through an alley. The dark figures appeared and informed me that I needed to go with them. I yelled for help and they quickly ran away.  I was freaked out at the abduction gone awry, so I immediately posted a new FB status about what had happened, and where I was off to. 

I pulled up into the local library parking lot and walked in. I went to go find a book to read when I encountered the dark figures again. This time they were more demanding that I go with them, and kept trying to pull me in their direction. I broke free and ran to the bathroom.  I updated my FB status about how I needed help, and began posting on friends walls asking if I could stay the night at their house.  

By nightfall I was in the comfort of a friend's house when we heard a knock at the door. It was the dark figures. By this point I began to realize that someone was watching my Facebook profile, with my locations and conversations. At this point I received an email notification about a post made on my wall. 

"Mark Zuckerberg to me: I will find you and kill you any way I can."

At this point I woke up with semi-dried tears in my eyes. First thought, "Never watching a movie right before I go to sleep again!"  My next immediate reaction was, "I hate the Facebook."


AMezNewz said...

HA HA so funny! That happens to me too when I'm involved in a TV show or something I watch right before bed. It sure does make your dreams more entertaining and draining. LOL

All I know is I wouldn't want to get on Mark Z bad side. He knows too much for his own good.

metcalfruf said...

I alwAys dream about friends. The tv show. Guess what I watch at night to fall asleep.

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