Thursday, January 13, 2011

Country Strong, Gwyneth Paltrow

Today two things bother me, and one just happens to to be one of the many bad offenses Ke$ha does daily.
Bad questions look like this...

I honestly hate when people preface a conversation with,  "Sooo, I got a question..."  WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION,  I RATHER BE ASKED WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW!   

In addition to this, I have grown tired of indirect questions and answers. As a customer service representative I talk to a lot of people, trying to find out information.  One of my pet peeves, is when I ask a simple question: 

"Are we shipping the order to Address X?"   Then comes the non-sensical flood.   
"Well, I don't know.   I think I want it to come to my home address but Trixie said we could ship it to her.  Ship it wherever you want."  
 Usually I will ask the same question, "So we are shipping the order to Address X, correct?"     
"Yeah that should be fine.."   


Also some questions are not even an inquiry and I feel bad for answering them.   

"Just so you know, If you are in the area, Target has a great deal on cookie dough."   
"…Are you asking if I should pick some up?" 
"That's great thanks! I owe you!"

In the past, I have been guilty of these behaviors, but like a Tree-logger, I am choppin' this bad habit down from my life. 

Let's become a  bit bolder and grab a hold of the questions we ask and answer.  Now I have some habit cutting to do,  TIMBER…


Larissa said...

LOL. My mom does this ALL. THE. TIME.
When I was home for Christmas she heard me and my sis talking about heading into town to get something. She says, "Oh, the mall said my pictures would be ready for pick-up around 2." It was currently about 12:30. I said, "Well, do you want us to pick them up? We can wait...?" Mom, "Oh no, no, I can get them."
I finally told her that no we would wait and go get them. Then what happens? Right as we are getting ready to leave she starts heading out the door to go get them. Sheesh:-)

Jon said...

I'm pretty sure I've been guilty of one or more of these. But you're right. It is annoying. Question: How do you feel about people prefacing their questions with "question:"?

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